Sunday, September 12, 2010

Forward Thinking Has Me Pegged

My current obsession is Forward Thinking, a work at home mom (WAHM) operation with some of the most gorgeous items around.  Leading the shop is Cheryl, who personally creates diapers and diaper sets, bags, leg warmers and bibs for customers.  You can check her out on Facebook or at Sew Crafty Baby, where some of her items are stocked.

I was lucky enough to get in on a testing round for the new Forward Thinking bag.  With its gorgeous and bold orange bird print, strong construction, and big interior space, I knew I would be in love from day one. 

Ralphie and Sophie love to ride along in this super roomy bag!
We use this as a diaper bag/purse/carry all and let me tell you, it carries it all.  We can fit 5 cloth diapers, wipes, a burp cloth, blanket, change of clothes, 2 toys, my wallet, a wetbag, 2 bottles and formula with a little room to spare.

It is beautifully made and I get tons of compliments.  Don't tell my cousin, but she is getting one in another print for Christmas, just because I think it is gorgeous and versatile.  She doesn't have kids, but she carries stuff on the NYC subway every day and this will be perfect for that, too!

Check out the gorgeous interior fabric, too!

My bag doesn't have all the bells and whistles the final version will, like top closures and a key ring.  But it does have two inside pockets, one big (that holds tons...sometimes I find 3 pacifiers in there without knowing I'd had one in there from the start!) and one small (perfect for quick-grab stuff like travel hand sanitizer and lip gloss).

All in all, it's my favorite bag, hands down.  And I can't wait to scoop up more Forward Thinking goodies!


Stephanie said...

Oh, love it! Very cute.

Briana said...

Love the bag! Definitely a fan of forward thinking!

Katie Barrett said...

My purse/diaper bag fetish is almost as bad as my cloth diaper fetish! I love this bag! But hubby has pretty much forbidden me to buy more.. (his side of the closet is getting a little small heehee) so I have to happy just looking!